Welcome to Science at St Augustine’s

Science in St Augustine’s School aims to foster an interest in the world around us. Our curriculum integrates working scientifically through investigative work, knowledge and skill progression, and a dedicated focus on retrieval to support successful retention.

Working Scientifically:

Our pupils actively engage in hands-on experiments, developing critical thinking skills, observation techniques, and the ability to form and test hypotheses. Through investigation and exploration, we instil a love for inquiry and discovery.

Knowledge and Skill Progression:

Our curriculum is designed to ensure a progressive journey in science. From the early years through to Year 6, pupils build a solid foundation of scientific principles, continually expanding their knowledge base and honing essential skills.

Focus on Retrieval for Successful Retention:

We recognise the importance of effective learning strategies, and that’s why retrieval is at the heart of our teaching. Regular retrieval practice enhances memory retention, allowing pupils to recall information with ease. Through quizzes, interactive activities, and ongoing assessments, we empower students to consolidate their scientific knowledge, ensuring a solid grasp of concepts.

Investigative Work:

Our pupils are encouraged to build independence applying their knowledge and skills through investigations. Learners develop through conducting experiments, gathering data, or presenting findings.

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