Our Mission Statement

We grow and learn as a family in the footsteps of Jesus.

Our mission statement ensures that Christ is at the centre of all the work within our school.

Our mission statement is not simply a mantra that is repeated by children and staff or something that are merely words on a display board. The staff, pupils, parents and governors work hard to ensure that everyone within our school community is able to grow and learn so that our mission statement is lived out daily.

We believe that this can only be lived out with a clear commitment to high expectations enabling the love of God to be present and recognised within our school.

We know that children and staff only achieve and thrive in an environment where they feel respected, valued and loved. Everyone in our school has a responsibility to make sure the Gospel values are evident in our school through the interactions between us and they underpin all the policies we have in place.

Our mission statement is regularly reviewed by staff, children, parents and governors. This ensures that our school remains rooted in the mission of the Church to make Christ known to all people.

Vision and Values

Our vision and values lie at the core of everything we do in school. They underpin our relationships, teaching and learning and provide an environment in which children can flourish.

At St. Augustine’s CVA, our vision is to provide the highest quality of education within a Catholic ethos.

We achieve this by living out our mission statement every day; We grow and learn as a family in the footsteps of Jesus.

Gospel Values

The Gospel values are rooted in the teachings of Christ and represent everything Jesus said, everything he did and everything he told us to do. These values guide our thinking and our behaviour at St. Augustine’s CVA. We encourage all children to remain faithful to these Gospel values in their words and actions towards others.

They are integrated into every aspect of learning, teachnig and school life. Our school community has chosen 4 values in particular on which to focus; Forgiveness  Truth  Compassion  Peace 

In our daily Collective Worship, our children have regular opportunities to reflect on our school values and to develop an understanding of the values in action. Adults model these values and we acknowledge and praise children when they have demonstrated them in their own words and actions.