Design Technology

Welcome to DT at St Augustine’s

Welcome to Design Technology at St Augustine’s, where we bridge the past and the present to inspire creativity and innovation. In our curriculum, we recognise the importance of understanding historical inventions as a foundation for the design processes shaping today’s world.

Our Design Technology curriculum is crafted to blend the rich tapestry of historical inventions with modern design principles. By exploring the innovations of the past, students gain insights into the evolution of design thinking and technological progress. From ancient tools to groundbreaking inventions of the industrial era, we delve into history to inform and inspire contemporary design projects.

Key aspects of our Design Technology curriculum include:

Historical Context: We believe that appreciating the historical context of inventions provides a solid foundation for creative thinking. Students explore the development of tools, machines, and processes that have shaped human history, fostering an understanding of the evolution of design.

Hands-On Exploration: Our approach emphasizes hands-on exploration, allowing students to engage with historical artifacts and replicate design techniques from different eras. This practical experience not only deepens their understanding but also hones their skills in applying historical knowledge to modern design challenges.

Innovation through Tradition: By blending historical insights with contemporary design principles, our curriculum encourages students to innovate through a lens of tradition. They learn to draw inspiration from historical successes and failures, infusing their projects with a unique blend of timeless design elements.

Problem-Solving Skills: Historical inventions often arose from addressing specific challenges of their time. We leverage this perspective to instil problem-solving skills in our students. They learn to analyse historical solutions and apply similar methodologies to solve current and future design problems.

Cross-Curricular Connections: Design Technology is not an isolated subject; it intersects with various disciplines. We foster cross-curricular connections by integrating historical studies with design projects, enriching students’ learning experiences and promoting a holistic understanding of the role of design in society.

At St Augustine’s, we invite students to embark on a journey through time, exploring the fascinating intersection of history and design. Through this unique approach, we aim to cultivate a deep appreciation for the ingenuity of the past while nurturing the innovative thinkers and designers of tomorrow. Join us as we uncover the secrets of historical inventions and weave them into the fabric of contemporary design education.

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