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8:00pm: WE DID IT! Not only did we walk/run to Land's End but we went much further. In total, as a school family, we travelled an extraordinary 467 miles! That is incredible. We miss you all so much but I hope you have all enjoyed being out and about sharing this time with your families. It has been amazing looking through all of your photographs and I hope you can enjoy looking through them to see where your school friends have been. We look forward to seeing you all soon. Today you have reminded me that anything is possible when we all work together as one. Thank you all so much for your contributions.

7:45pm: Mrs Kaczmarek and her family have just returned from a lovely walk adding 9.8 miles to our total. Today Mrs Kaczmarek has broken her record for the number of steps in a day. She has made 20268 steps! what an achievement. Well done.
7:40pm: A lovely walk by a brother and sister with their mum. They've added 6 miles. Well done.
7:05pm: Another family making a great contribution to the challenge. Son, daughter and mum each travelling 4.5 miles and dad adding 6.5 miles. Well done all! That takes us past 450 miles altogether!
6:55pm: 10 more miles travelled by a family of a Y3 and EYFS child. Great work and it takes our school total to 431 miles!
6:45pm: Mrs Cartwright and her family have just added 40.5 miles to the total. What an amazing achievement. Even the family dog got involved. 421 miles in total.
6:40pm: Another great, determined walk by one of our families. 12.4 miles in total. 380 miles altogether!
6:30pm: WE HAVE MADE IT TO LAND'S END! Great work everyone. Now let's see how far we can travel altogether!
6:30pm: A long family walk in perfect weather. 10 miles each for all 5 family members. That's 50 miles added to the school total. Well done.
6:15pm: A run in the sun. Fantastic effort and 6.5 miles onto the total.
5:45pm: Fantastic! Another 19.2 miles to our total. A walk taking in construction sites and NHS artwork.  We currently stand at 312 miles. That means 42 miles to go until we reach Land's End. Can we do it?
5:30pm: Mrs Lavers has just returned from a walk with her family and has added a total of 9 miles to our challenge. We are close to 300 miles now - AMAZING!
5:25pm: Miss Bush and her family have been on a walk and added 12 miles to our total. Great work!
5:10pm: Another great effort from one of our familes adding a total of 26 miles to our total by walking into town and back with their siblings! Well done.
5:00pm: Mrs DeWet has just completed two activities: 5km run and 3km dog walk. 8km altogether converts to 5 miles. Our total now stands at 246 miles!
4:30pm: Mrs Rudkin and her children have just completed a combined total of 15 miles! Our total is rising nicely...
3:45pm: An exhausting 3 person walk adds 12.6 miles to our total. The shadow picture looks fun!
3:45pm: Our clerk to the governors has been on a 4 mile walk today. This is the bridge over the Willow Brook outside King’s Cliffe.

3:40pm: Shades on! A school family are just off out on their walk - pushchair miles count too! 
3:35pm: Miss Casselden has been enjoying the sunshine today walking 4.5 miles.
3:30pm: What a lovely idea - combining a walk with feeding the ducks! Well done.
3:15pm: A family of 5 walk/bike. Well done for taking part and adding 25miles to our challenge.
3:15pm: A real trek from this family. 6 of them walking 6.5 miles each adds 39 miles to our total and it looks like they had a great time too. Well done!
2:55pm: Mr Squires has been out with his dog this morning! 6 miles added.

2:55pm: Another family contribution adding 12 miles by walking around the byways of Stamford.



2:50pm: 13.2 miles added and a total of 36,552 steps! I wonder what number we'd get if we counted everyone's steps..... Well done to this family of 3. 

2:40pm: The children and staff in school today have managed a fantastic 150 laps of the field between them - that's 30 miles to add to the total. We have now travelled more than 100 miles altogether!
2:20pm: 18 miles added during a scenic walk to Burghley Park and back. Well done to this family of 3.
Just incase you forget where we are virtually heading!
2:00pm: Mr Atter's wife and children have been joining in whilst he is at school! 6 miles added.

1:55pm: A 10 mile walk that looks very tiring by the end! Well done.


1:25pm: A family of four adding a total of 21 miles to our overall distance. A lovely walk around Burghley Park. That takes us up to 50 miles in total! Keep going everyone.


A beautiful picture of another family about to go out on their walk. Enjoy the sunshine! 


12:20pm: Another 12 miles added. Well done to a family of 4 who have walked 3 miles each.....should I count the dog too to make it 15 miles?....Oh go on then!



11:05am: Mrs Jones has been on a sunny morning walk. That's 5 miles added to the total!



9:00am: In school the children and staff have just been running and walking an incredible 45 laps of the school field! That calculates to being the first 9 miles on our virtual journey!



8:00am: And we're off! What a beautiful day to be outside. Enjoy your walks/runs with family. Remember to send any photographs and how far you have travelled to eagles@st-augustine.lincs.sch.uk. Have a great day everyone.



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