RE Policies 

Religious Education

St Augustine’s Catholic Voluntary Academy were founded to pass on to the children the faith heritage of the local Catholic Community. Each child is valued as a unique individual, a child of God, made in the image of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In partnership with parents and parish and with God’s grace, the school tries to discern and help the child to develop fully as a person with particular gifts and aptitudes. Guided and challenged by Gospel values, the school aims to provide a community in which the child will grow and experience the love of God, self and neighbour.

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Collective Worship 

We believe that Collective Worship in the life of our academy names and celebrates God’s presence in our lives. It is concerned with giving glory, honour, praise and thanks to God. It is our loving response, in word and action, to God’s invitation to enter into relationship, made possible through the work of Jesus Christ and the witness of the Holy Spirit.

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Relationships and Sex Education 

We acknowledge that PSHE and Citizenship as well as Relationship and Sex Education are all underpinned by our relationship with God and so are all encompassed in the title ‘Education for Personal Relationships’. We seek to provide an environment where pupils are informed about relationships in the context of the Catholic faith.

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