Our School Vision 

We are a Catholic school that welcomes families of all faiths. Our distinctive aims of our school are:

  • To provide a warm and loving ethos
  • To strive for the spiritual quest for excellence in all we do
  • To put the individual child at the heart of all we do
  • To begin to prepare children for the complexities and challenges of life by developing:
    - lively and enquiring minds;
    - a love of learning;
    - knowledge, experience and understanding of the world in which they live;
    - skills and attitudes to become independent and co-operative learners
    - self respect and a belief in their own abilities;
    - an understanding of right and wrong, self discipline and respect for the rights and needs of        others and for the environment
  • To work in partnership with parents to meet the individual needs of all pupils
  • To provide a creative curriculum which is flexible, broad and balanced and which challenges and supports learning
  • To encourage children to be logical, imaginative, creative, confident and to foster in them an appreciation of a wide range of literature, art and music
  • To acknowledge Christ in each child and in all areas of the curriculum

These are the shared aims of the Governors and all members of the Staff. We know that they  create an atmosphere where children feel valued, happy and cared for, as we believe this to be the best environment to encourage learning and to develop individuals as useful members of the community


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