Our School Values


We see your child’s happiness as key to their ability to enjoy learning and develop their full potential. We therefore strive to create a strong partnership with parents with the interest of your child at the heart of our relationship. Parents are always welcome in school and encouraged to openly discuss any concerns they might have.

We run a parent/grandparent reading group every Friday for Key Stage 1. This is an opportunity for you to see our school in action as well as a wonderful chance to see and encourage your child in the school environment.

We hold regular class and school assemblies (Friday afternoons). We use these occasions to recognise individual and school house excellence during the week. We encourage parents and extended family to join us in celebrating our children’s achievements.

During the course of the school year we hold two formal parent evenings to discuss your child’s progress and achievements. We also run “Early Bell” sessions which are very popular with our parents. Here parents are encouraged to come into school and discuss work with their child.


We circulate a weekly newsletter via email every Friday to keep parents up to date with forthcoming events and reminders. We also issue class specific communications on an ad hoc basis. Our preferred method of circulation is by email and we encourage new parents to provide us with their email address. Paper copies of all communications can be obtained from the School office. Our priority is to keep you informed!


We are keen to understand how you view our school and what areas we can focus on to maintain continual improvement and excellence. We issue a parent questionnaire during parent/teacher evenings which takes a few minutes to complete while you are waiting to meet up with your child’s teacher. We actively encourage parents to participate so that we can tailor your school to the needs of your children.

Codes of Behaviour

We are justifiably proud of our school’s reputation for creating a positive learning environment and upholding a simple but important framework within which our children are expected to behave. We do not accept inappropriate physical behaviour or disrespect against another child or member of staff, emotional unkindness towards another child or disruptive behaviour in class which unnecessarily diverts teacher focus or deteriorates the learning experience for others. We expect our parents to support and reinforce these boundaries inside and outside of the school environment.

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